Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Journey To Finding My Faith

A Journey To Finding My Faith

So many of my prayers have been answered by God, including some of my more selfish ones (God forgive me) God had spoken to me yesterday. I'm not saying I was hearing voices from mental illness, he more or less spoke to me through my impulsivities and thoughts. I walked past a religious store down the street named Christian Arts & Sciences due to this "idea".

I met a kind older gentleman who was volunteering there that i got into discussing sports with and I got to hear a life story Bless his heart. God gave me the impulse to purchase a King James edition Holy Bible from the nice old man. I picked one for 3.50 but God told me to put it back on the shelf and go with the more expensive one. It was 8 dollars plus tax. I didn't have cash on me at the time and he didn't know how to work the credit card scanner so I told him "there's an ATM at the gas station about a block and a half down the street. I'm going to run there and take out some cash and i'll be right back to buy "that" Bible from you. He smiled and said "thank you so much i'll be here waiting for you" so i left for the atm, took out the lowest it'd provide ($20) and had to pay a $3 withdrawal charge.

I sighed slightly but knew it was for the greater good (you can't put a price on finding your faith) and walked back to the store where the man was standing looking at the Bibles. We talked for a few moments and I completed my transaction with him. We bid each other farewell and for me to come by and chat again and that it wouldn't have to be about religion. I smiled at him and left the store. So now i'm the proud owner of King James Holy Bible that after the withdrawal fee at the ATM cost me $11.64 more than I could afford (I really had $0 available to my name).

When I got home, I opened the Holy Bible to start Genesis 1:1 and read to 7:20 My son looked at the book and asked what it was. I told him it was the story of how God created the world and all living things. He actually wanted me to read some to him which surprised me a bit. I got through most of the first chapter before he got distracted by a movie he was watching.

I put on music and God said I wanted to listen to Christian Rock, which, I actually enjoy anyway. I discovered Owl City was Christian Rock and I've always loved their song Fireflies. So I enjoyed the music while reading until it was time to sleep.

This morning I put the Bible in my purse to read at work. I'm actually going to get back to reading after this blog entry.

*The moral of the story here is that God does speak to you to get you on the right path to finding your faith, you just have to be listening to hear his guidance when you're ready.