Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The eBay Life

The eBay Life

eBay is full of hit or misses. It can be legit or sometimes doesn't look exactly as pictured. You must be very observant with this site to see what is real and what is scams. I've been scammed once or twice even.

I had bought an eye-shadow palette from a seller on eBay and not only did they not send it to me, they deleted their account thinking they wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. They however did, eBay performed excellence in resolving the problem and giving me a full refund which I entent to use for books on a different site.

What is it about online retailers that is so addictive? I find the convenience of shopping while i'm cozy at home or bored at work. I have a bit of an addiction to online shopping specifically Thriftbooks, Amazon, and eBay. I also love to see packages at the door for me on any given day. It's like receiving presents except you know what they are and most of the time when they're coming thanks to tracking numbers.

That's one of the fun things about eBay it's also a little annoying. Some items on eBay don't present you with a tracking number so you have no idea when it will come and by the time it does, you may not remember what was in it! Personally, I hate not knowing where my package is at any given time.

It is however fun to browse eBay and other online retailers for treasures. You never know what goodies they might have that just seem to be calling your name. Doesn't help you save money very well I must admit.