Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Libraries Forever!

Libraries Forever!

A Childhood Memory

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For as long as I can remember The Library has been like a second home. They renovated a couple times but I'll always remember seeing the metal Hippo which was their mascot. I'll remember playing on their computers in the children section where i'd be there all day hanging out near friends or when my mom wanted to take a look around.

I'll always remember the kind staff that treated the children as if they were their own. I suppose except the fact they could kick them out of the library when they've had enough disruption. I had made friends with one of the security guards who I saw up until young adulthood there. He would ease me in on the gossip of people who hung out there that I went to elementary school with. It was kinda fun especially when I was able to find out that my enemies were enduring some hardships.

The staff there are still the same kind people i'd expect from my local library now as an adult with my own children. Instead of going there for the computers in the children section now I enjoy reading as my son plays with their toys or on their learning pc. They also have vending machines that my son dubbed a Library tradition.

The other great thing about the library to me is ever since the great comic book artist of American Splendor, Cleveland Heights resident Harvey Pekar passed away. There was a series of mini book stores set up at each library in the district. You can buy used and ex-library movies and books for very reasonable prices. I always get a load out of that when I go. They also have a bi-annual mega book sale where I prefer to scavenge for movie titles. How can you not when they're only a buck each?

From being a young child, to growing up, to having my own children who can go there makes for the perfect experience. 2345 Lee Rd. will forever be known as my second home address and the people my extended family. Community is always important so cherish it.