Wednesday, August 16, 2017



It feels good to be semi-responsible.  I have been getting frustrated working on my budget but it finally panned out in the end. I have three open credit accounts as well as a Dell Finance Account. I'm up in over 4k of debt. I figured it into my budget that i'll have all my 3 credit cards paid off by February of next year. Which is the best I can do to getting them paid by the end of this year.

My Capital One card will be paid off December 15th because I have to use $138 or so of it to pay for new clothes for my son. How they grow up fast! I was not expecting to get approved that card. It was one of my many "probably won't get approved" moments as were really all of my credit accounts.

My next credit card I have to pay off, which was another accidental approval, is an Amazon Rewards card that I had gotten impulsively a year or so ago. That one will be paid off on January 26th. That is unless I end up buying more stuff on it, God forbid. The last one is a credit line that luckily doesn't affect my credit score which is from an online retailer called Montgomery Wards. Due to a perfect payment record I am now at a $925 credit limit but i'm good at resisting temptation on that one. Last thing I bought were a couple things for my son on his birthday in May. I will be done paying that one off on February 2nd of next year.

The last thing I have to start paying off is my Dell Financial account. It was for 3k and it was another "doubt i'll get approved, but let's see" moment. I bought myself an Alienware laptop, an external hardrive, and of course I just had to have a disc burning disc drive as well since Alienware doesn't have a disc drive. Then I had also bought my son a cheap laptop and my mother a mouse for when I gave her my old laptop. That all added up quick! So now I currently owe $2,979.89. Yeah that's pretty much depleted too. After I get my tax return i'm going to pay my taxes and then the rest of it will go between my braces payments and Dell which would help out a great deal.

Having a sense of figuring out your own mistakes is really nice. I don't know how I do it but even with impulsive credit card applications that on their stupidity get approved, I manage to wiggle myself out of the hole I often dig myself into. It's great to think wisely and keep your priorities in the right order. Not that I've done that often, I've used my cards to buy things like books, Monster Energy drinks, and the whole series including spin-offs of my all time favorite show, Stargate SG-1. I suppose I should have been more wise with Dell though, i'll be paying them off for quite a while despite my next tax return. It is however a start!