Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ghostly Ability

Ghostly Ability

When I was younger I was gifted with the ability to see, feel, and hear spirits. I've seen many from my birth grandmother who past away when I was ten to shadow forms which are sillouets of negative energy. It's close to something out of Ghost Whisperer in a way. I would help spirits move on and occasionally need to tell them to leave my children alone.

After my youngest was born I willed the ability away. That is a regret because all of my children were gifted with the same ability. When my oldest Julian was two years old he claimed he would see a man go into the wall. My youngest would be afraid of certain areas of the house where he would claim there to be "monsters.

I haven't seen or felt a spirit in years and as I said, that is a big regret. I can't help my children hone the ability and it rather sucks feeling alone when you really aren't. Consider it an adventure, you never know who will stop by and visit. For all I know many loved ones could have come to me and I missed out because I willed the ability away.

I didn't know if there was a way to get the ability back until a young woman said you can by meditating and willing it back. She also recommended getting Clear Quartz Crystals to protect from negative energy. That would be a great idea because I have dealt with some very pesky spirits. I'd also like to keep my son safe while trying to teach him how to use this ability, if he still possesses it that is.

Wish me luck on this spiritual journey into getting this awesome ability back!