Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Fitness Madness

Fitness Madness

This weekend has been an amazing weekend! I have no idea if it's due to mania or i'm really ready to work on my weight but i've been going nuts with fitness lately. It's been feeling great!

For example, two days ago I was bored so I got on the family's stationary bike for a half hour. It felt good so I decided to take a walk. I ended up getting lost so when I got home I checked the distance and it was 4.56 miles. I felt an unbelievable amount of accomplishment doing that. Then later on I did another fifteen minutes on the bike.

Monday was even better, I set a goal to ride an hour on the bike, I rode a little longer than that because my son kept acting up and I had to get off a couple times then set back my timer a bit to estimated time it stopped at. After that my Shaun T. CIZE dvd collection came in the mail so I did the 30 minute segment of that. I had to take frequent breaks do to how out of shape I am but it really kicked my ass and I was proud to even have finished it. I later decided to take a walk. It wasn't a long walk just a short one mile.

My parents are extremely supportive of my new regimen that they let me take over the TV to do my exercise video or let me go for a long walk. I haven't tested riding the bike while my parents were in the kitchen watching the news, probably shouldn't push my luck on that one to tell you the truth. It's been nice though to say the least.

Now i'm at work and very fidgety with nothing to do. I'm practically anxious to get moving and take a walk. I had been planning to get exercise for a while but actually getting started was more or less a slight procrastination. I'm glad it finally happened and that i'm getting myself into a good habit. Mania or not I hope it sticks!

This is me as of now, can't wait to see the progress!