Friday, January 12, 2018

My Dad

My Dad

I tend to think back about my relationship with my dad. It's hard to believe that about 4 years ago we almost despised each other. We always butted heads and didn't see eye to eye on anything. We couldn't stand being near each other and had very little kind to say. In all honesty I disliked and feared him so much that to avoid contact with him I would only eat after he fell asleep and it wouldn't be much. It was either a sandwich or a bowl of soup and that was that.

Things seemed to shift after we both changed a bit. I grew up and started taking responsibility for my own actions. I successfully got a job that at first he didn't want me to have. I had another baby but I turned myself a round and started being responsible for this little life I brought into the world. My dad noticed I was actually trying and started to lay off me a little more and more as time passed.

We started seeing things clearly and with the same perception. I apologized for all the pain i've caused in the past and that I wanted to change and be a better me. I was working hard and not going out whenever I wanted. I would start helping out around the house with not even being asked most of the time.

Before I knew it both my father and my attitudes have changed. He began thanking me for things I did around the house, let me sleep in on the weekends without having to get yelled at (even though I would feel guilty about it when I wake up). I am more honest with him and give him a heads up on things so he won't get surprised instead of fishing for a "yes" from my mom. I can borrow money with his full confidence they'll get paid back in a timely manner. He and I now enjoy talking to each other and spending time together.

My dad defends me during arguments, and my mom says it's easy to see i'm his favorite. That works for me because my sister is hers.

Sometimes change can be an amazing thing. We both changed and now I couldn't see myself living without my dad, you can say i'm a bit of a daddy's girl. God helped shape me into a type of person my dad wanted me to become. I may not be 100% there yet but my dad obviously can see i'm trying harder and being responsible. I love my dad!