Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Good Weekend

A Good Weekend

My weekend was great. I started it off by getting home from a long but decent week at work. I drank a ton of coffee and got my laundry started. The washer actually cooperated this weekend which was nice.

On Saturday I had all of my laundry cleaned and folded them and put it away. Otherwise I spend most of the day hanging out with my son being pretty lazy. I caught up on dishes but that was about it. Played with my dog and hung out in the kitchen. I suppose it really wasn't that eventful.

Sunday was a better day. I had the motivation to clean my room thoroughly for once. Dusted the furniture and some of my sentimental items, swept, mopped, changed bed sheets, made my bed, and washed my son's bed-set and made his bed. I kept up on dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and dining rooms and folded laundry. I was extremely burned out.

Monday was another lazy day. I woke up early thinking I had a Dentist appointment but turned out I went there for no reason. It was my brother's birthday so I treated him to Piada. I also made dinner that night. Tuna Casserole. It came out great! there weren't any leftovers. I took a shower and my son a bath to end the evening.

This morning I had some great news, My credit score went up 100 points which is awesome! hopefully it'll keep improving. Fingers Crossed