Friday, November 11, 2016

A Time To Treasure

A Time To Treasure

The Christmas holiday is fast approaching as the weather gets colder outside in the north of the United States. It starts with Black Friday most of the time. but isn't the time of Christmas supposed to be about Family? sure there's the presents to represent the time of giving but as quoted in The Grinch That Stole Christmas. "Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas; perhaps, means a little bit more" Christmas is about family and friends. Great company like family and friends in this time is "A time to treasure" and make memories. When I was little my wishlist was long. Now-a-days I ask for something small like a pair of Toe Socks or a movie. Always something cheap. My appreciation for family has grown especially since now I'm older and my parents are older and one Christmas they won't be around anymore. It's inevitable unfortunately but whether it's old age or not, any Christmas could be our last. So shouldn't we spend it in the kitchen cooking or at the dining room table eating with our loved ones? perhaps even start a fire and watch it burn with hot cocoa in our hands while draped with a cozy comforter just talking about our day. Today's children have something to believe in, Santa Claus of course but shouldn't they also believe it's a time to just be a happy family? Forget about your problems at least for a night. Read Holiday bedtime stories start a tradition, open one present on Christmas eve and bunker down with a Christmas movie. My favorite Christmas film as a child was the animated Jack Frost film he becomes a normal lad for one winter season and learns the importance of being who he is and not being ashamed to do so. That is why this Christmas I'm not going to obsess over presents and I want to teach my child the true meaning of Christmas which is Family and upholding handed down Traditions. Speaking of Traditions, what are some of yours? My family always puts up our tree about a week after Thanksgiving. My whole family decorates but my dad usually puts the Angel on top. We tend to watch many Christmas themed movies on television and occasionally sing along to our favorite holiday songs. My favorites are "Baby It's Cold Outside" and "Jingle Bell Rock"  As for Movie It's a 6 way tie, A Muppets Christmas Carol" because I love Michael Caine and of course the beloved Muppets "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" starring Jim Carrey, "Nightmare Before Christmas", and "The Santa Clause" movies starring a funny Tim Allen. So this Christmas season, give you're loved ones, even the ones who you don't get a long with any other day. A hug and tell them "I Love You" Life is too short for there to be rifts within your family.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm Thankful For...

What i'm thankful for this Thanksgiving and for 364 other days a year...

My family is the greatest. There may be many ups and downs in my life, and I may, no, I do complain about my problems often. Honestly though, I'm very blessed. A loving mother who does so much to try to make everyone else happy and worries about herself last. She made my Halloween costumes since I was a kid, now she makes mine and her grandson's. She will lend people money not really expecting it to be returned. She tries to keep everyone happy and getting along with one another. My father has always been a tough loving person who keeps me grounded and in check. I used to hate him for it but my eyes have opened and I now see that he was just trying to make sure I wouldn't be a major fuck up in life. Can't say that i'm not still a fuck up in my own right and of my own doing, but I no longer blame my parents for it. My son Gabriel is extremely polite and gifted, he's incredibly smart and does very well in school and in his childhood. He is very sweet and loving. My youngest son Tristan is very goofy and loving. He can feel when i'm upset and will go out of his way to cheer me up and put a smile back on my face. He gets cuddly and sweet especially at night. He'll cuddle and say "Mommy's baby" as he snuggles into my side. He's almost always laughing and being silly.

I have great friends, My best friend Dani is always there to talk to and understands everything i'm going through because 99% chance she's been there and done that. She's the Ying to my Yang. We have the best time when we're together and miss each other like crazy when we aren't. There's my sister like friend Alice who is a goofball. She has no shame and I can tell her anything even though we've never personally met. There's a few other best friends I haven't met yet either but are always open to lending an ear. like Rebecca M, Elizabeth, Katt and Stephanie. Rebecca M. has always had my back and I've always had hers. We don't talk as much as we used to but we're still there for each other. Katt guides me through a lot of my problems and gives me a different outlook on what I could change. Elizabeth and Stephanie are very kind people as well and we both have our fair share of venting to one another. I also have my "Sisters" Jessica, Rebecca P., India, and April who always have my back and are very fun to be crazy with.

My job couldn't be better. I was completely blessed when I got this job last year in May. Everyone is so kind and patient with me. My boss Terry is one of the kindest people I know and gives me wake up calls to keep me on my toes and to not get lazy. She gives me first pick of new clothing donations if she finds out they're my size, She's gotten me items for Christmas, Last Christmas it was makeup in a little bag. She remembered my favorite color (Purple) so the eye-shadow was all different shades of purple and so was one of the eyeliners. She made her supervisor give me and Brenda, who are both Independent Contractors here, a gift card because we're staff too. She's even baked me a cake for my birthday. My supervisor Nancy is like a second mother to me. She listens to all my office ranting and venting about my home life and like Terry tries her best to find resources to help my situations. She is also very understanding and patient. She does everything she can to help me avoid getting overwhelmed. I love my co-workers we're all a family here, we poke fun at one another on a daily basis. especially Charles. He can't go one day without picking on me. I was devastated to hear my boss Terry would be leaving the company on early retirement because of medical issues. I might look for other employment when I hit my two year mark at this company and I doubt i'll ever find another boss like Terry, or another amazing Supervisor like Nancy in any other employments.

What are you thankful for?