Monday, April 25, 2016

Chef Grey Wolf's MONDAY MADNESS!

Chef Grey Wolf has now come to the US Bank Building on Chagrin for Monday's and the are now serving a chicken gyro!
It of course comes with a pita, and your choice of rice and salad or french fries! Like the other chicken provided by this truck it is seasoned perfectly! I love it with Sriracha sauce. It's a steal for 8 Dollars so don't forget to come down to Chagrin in Beachwood OH Monday's AND Thursdays!

Chef Grey Wolf's Food Truck: Week 3

The third week of reviewing Chef Grey Wolf's Food Truck I was blessed with Chicken Patties!

This meal comes with three perfectly seasoned Chicken Patties with a fluffy Pita, and your choice between rice and salad or french fries. I have 0 complaints about this meal. in fact it was this meal that introduced me to the food truck my first week working across the street. It's not your usual chicken patty's it's ground chicken mixed with the perfect blend of seasonings. It's a must try!

Chef Grey Wolf's Food Truck: Week 2

The second week of reviewing Chef Grey Wolf's Food Truck behind the US Bank Building on Chagrin across from Giant Eagle in the plaza I had their Falafel.

Unfortunately I was not very fond of their Falafel. I found it a little dry. It came with Hummus though which i found delicious! I ordered it with rice and salad It comes with a pita as well which is nice and fluffy!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chef Grey Wolf's Food Truck: Week 1

Chef Grey Wolf's Gormet Food Truck

For the next few weeks I have the extreme pleasure to blog this amazing food truck! Local to the Greater Cleveland area they offer gourmet Turkish meals at a very reasonable price. They have been on the local news and in the paper as the go to place for the moody Mondays. I'm fortunate to have them for Tasty Thursdays across from my workplace on Commerce Park Rd. in Beachwood, OH off of Chagrin behind the US Bank building.

Now this is my Week 1. pick a Gyro with an order of fries. The fries are perfectly salted and the gyro is salty goodness. It comes layered on vegetables on a warm pita. The Portion is slightly exaggerated. normally it is $8 for a half order of fries and the Gyro and the patty doesn't come with it that was their little surprise gift to me. honestly $8 for all this is a steal! but i guess you catch more bees with honey than vinegar! I can't wait till next week where i'm going to try their Falafel!