Monday, June 27, 2016

Tammy The Puppy Lady Experience Review! (Cleveland, OH)

Tammy holding Principessa

Mallory and all five puppies from her 2nd litter

I was in the market to buy a puppy particularlly a Maltese or a Shih-Tzu because I’ve always loved small dogs. I was very limited due to my foster brother’s allergies and Asthma. I started doing research on hypoallergenic breeds and learned that both Maltese and Shih-Tzus are hypoallergenic. So then I began to browse the web for nearby breeders. I went to a website called and found Tammy the Puppy Lady’s Ad

She was selling her dog Mallory’s second litter of puppies. Mallory was a Maltese and the father, Elvis, was a Shih-Tzu. The puppies were born April 20th, 2016 and needed to spend their first 8 weeks weaning off their mother Mallory. I saw the puppies the first time and fell in love with the dark female which was one of two females of a five pup litter. As it turned out another woman had first pick of the females and to my luck, she picked the lighter brown female puppy. The dark puppy became my Principessa. I was able to visit her whenever I could which was bi-weekly. I was able to watch her grow and became quite fond of her and her parents Elvis and Mallory. I was provided with three puppy care packs that included 3 small bags of dry food, 3 cans of wet food, and a measuring cup. Tammy also took the puppies for their first shots. Principessa was $400.00 with a down payment of $100.00. Tammy had told me the puppies were Pad/Towel trained and they’re very good with kids from being around children since birth. Tammy has so much love for her dogs. It was difficult for her to say good-bye. I told her I’d keep her updated on the puppy with texts and pictures and even bring Principesa by for visits. The puppies were very healthy, playful, and overall a happy bunch. It was obvious they were born and raised in a loving home.

Tammy has two males on hold but may need new homes. Her other dog Pandora  and Principessa's father Elvis are also due in July and these puppies will be Purebred AKC Shih-Tzus costing between $700.00 - $850.00 For more information to locally buy a puppy in the Cleveland area from Tammy The Puppy Lady, feel free to visit Tammy's AD on Tammy's Ad or call/text at +1(440)463-5133.

Available Male #1

Available Male #2

My puppy and myself