Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bittorrent Review

I'm on my way to my Niece's dance recital in Columbus and I'd figure I'd write a review! Something I haven't done in a while and I got my grooves going with @panicatthedisco. But back to my review... I'm reviewing BitTorrent which is both an app on MOST phones (sorry apple lovers) and can be a program downloaded on your computer as well. It's a torrent program where you can download movies, music, E-books etc... wanna know how much it costs? NADA! it partners up with Kick A** (you know the word) Torrents and they have everything! I only had trouble once when I was trying to download some @MotionlessInWhite music my galaxy Note 5 is full of E-books and music because of this app! Wanna know how to do it? Go to the Google play store on your device ( on pc) and get the app! Then on your browser go to and find what you want and hit the download button, it's THAT easy! For E-books you want an app called Aldiko and after they download you can open them there. I give BitTorrent 5 stars! The best way to get your entertainment fix!