Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Love Non Existent

A Love Non Existent

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I've gone through the agony of love too many times to even remember them all. My High school sweetheart Chris which was a poisonous love that made me put my future in jeopardy because of "Love" and the need to be together... I could be a graphic designer now if i hadn't NEEDED to be with him in 11th grade while i was attending a vocational class in high school to get certified in the Graphic Design career path. but no, i decided i'd rather run away from home and go to Arizona with him. If he really loved me he wouldn't have let me do that and if I really loved me and used my brain i wouldn't have done it either. We tried for a baby when I was 17. Luckily it wasn't in the cards for me at the time. We reunited when I was 25 and we did conceive then with a beautiful little boy that Chris now denies being his but maybe that's doing me and his son both a favor, he wasn't cut out to be a father.

Then I was 20 years old and fell in love with a Navy Petty Officer I had met online. He was stationed in Hawaii and I moved there after he proposed to me... Things were good for a while except I was pregnant and we couldn't afford food so we'd go to the Liberty Center whenever they served a meal. We got married and then he got dishonorably Discharged for 1. Posting personal ads on Craigslist when he was married and 2. Pawning cellphones when he had a high clearance. We moved to Youngstown, Ohio near his family and they all hated me. The stress turned him into an abusive monster. I had a friend run in in her underwear to pull him off me one day. We had a broken mirror in the bathroom from him slamming me against it. He would throw my 2 yr old son around like a rag doll. First I had my son sent to live with my parents in Cleveland. Then he would keep sending me to live with my parents every time we got into a fight then two weeks later lure me back with "I don't want to be abusive, I promised I changed" I would go back and he'd abuse me daily again in all forms, sexual, mental, emotional, physical It never ended. It was a bad environment for our son who was only 2 at the time. We even had a case open with Child Services and they told me the case would be closed as long as we were living apart. I got the courage to tell him "NO" The last time he tried to lure me back. We're still married but he has a girlfriend and our son who is now 7 and I don't want a man anymore.

After I separated from the abusive hubby I met a man named Michael. He was perfect! The intimacy was full of passion, He worked hard to buy me things and provided for my youngest son Tristan (who's father was my highschool Sweetheart) when he was just a baby. We lived together in his mom and her then man friend's home. I was happy, I attempted to cook, i'd clean and do laundry, built up a positive friendship with his mother Donna. Out of nowhere he broke up with me and I had to move back in with my parents. We were working it out but then on my son's 1st birthday he vanished completely. He changed his number and moved out of state. I heard from his mother that he had gotten married to another woman.

Online I had met another man named Mike. At first he was very attentive. He'd text me telling me he missed me and how he thought of me often. I'd hear from him all the time and we'd see each other often because he lived right down the street from me. At that time I thought life was good. Then he started to distance himself... we were together off and on for nearly a year. I'd start hearing from him once a week and then less... We had made plans to move in together. At least that was his idea, a few months ago. Now I completely ignore him when he'll text once every two or so weeks like he's done to me. He moved to Lakewood and works all the time and doesn't even try to see how i'm doing when i'm having a hard time at home it broke my heart. it's now September 27th and I haven't seen him since July 17th and maybe have only gotten a text from him 3 times in that span of time. My high school sweetheart Chris neglected me like that too and only one girl really saw my pain behind my forced smile. I still force a smile for my son but deep down i'm really hurting from this bad reputation I have with love.

Now I have given up on men. I don't use dating sites anymore or even really socialize with men in public. I am completely turned off by the opposite sex. I even wear a cheap engagement-looking ring on my ring finger in hopes guys just won't bother. Now I have my priorities corrected. I want to work on myself... Get out of my parents' home and live independently with my youngest son and then work on getting custody of my husband's a my 7 year old.  A-Sexual life here I come!

Fragrant Jewels "Caribbean Breeze" Bath Bomb Review

Fragrant Jewels "Caribbean Breeze" Bath Bomb Review

I purchased a Bath Bomb from Fragrant Jewels I have been seeing their boosted posts all over Facebook and was wondering what all the hype was about. I ordered the Caribbean Breeze Bath Bomb and it arrived within 2 weeks of my initial order. I unpacked it and took a sniff and instantly the scent blasted through my nose. It took me away to a magical beach surrounded by beautiful and amazing smelling flowers. It took me a minute to snap back into the reality that I was standing in my kitchen. I was then very excited to get to the bathroom and use this magically scented bath bomb. I unwrapped it and tossed it into the tub as it filled up with water.

It made a carbonated fizzy sound as it began fading away into the water of the filling tub. It took about 5-7 minutes before it dissolved completely and released it's clear capsule. Within' the Capsule was my prize ring.
I got on my phone and went to their site to appraise the ring which came with a code in the capsule hidden inside the bath bomb. My ring was worth $10.00
perhaps you will find a higher worth item in a more expensive item. They also sell candles, beads, scrubs, and wax tarts.

Plush Moji / Feet Moji Slippers (Large) Review

#PlushMoji / #FeetMoji Slippers Review

I've always liked using Emojis... The Purple Devil and the Heart eyes are my favorites when I found this website online. So of course I had to see what they had to offer! I had gotten the extreme pleasure to review these slippers for the website PlushMoji and I was first afraid they'd be way too big. They are a size large which fits to a woman size 14 and i'm only a 9 1/2. These are close to being the most comfortable slippers i've ever worn! I love the cute little Purple Devil emoji faces and the plushy well seemed exterior of the fabric, very well made! They come in other faces as well, Heart Eyes Emoji, Kissy Face Emoji, Smiley Poo Emoji, Grinning Emoji and the Sunglasses Emoji. I think they'd be the perfect gag gift or a thoughtful one depending which one you get, to a loved one or a friend. The site carries a ton of other emoji fanatic novelty items as well from key-chains to pens to Christmas ornaments. It's definitely worth a peek!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Realistic Dream: A Life of Reincarnation

A Realistic Dream: A Life of Reincarnation

Do you believe that we've lived multiple lives throughout history? I always wondered but then I had met a man and as the relationship grew I kept having flashbacks and visions. I somehow remember a romantic outing behind a waterfall. I remember seeing that man before, he was a blacksmith welding away in the village under a mud and twig gazebo like shed. I remember the smell of a wood burning fire and a hint of sweat and hot iron as he struck a sword with a hammer and wiped his brow. I Remember going into the village to do somebody's bidding, maybe it was for a princess or a queen. My hair was long dark brown locks covered by a bonnet and I was so very beautiful in my dark teal and white maiden's dress. I remember feeling like I was as rich as royalty from having the secret love from that man and being completely satisfied with my life. This man I had met and I shared stories we both believed reincarnation was possible. He told me his story and even mentioned a love affair behind a waterfall. I have a hard time remembering anything from my current life. Is it because I remember so much from a previous one? I don't remember how I died or what my children's names were and now a days it's hard to retain any new information processed through my brain.

Some believers look at me and say I have an uncanny resemblance to the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. When I watch any documentaries about her I get this close feeling. Not to say i'm proud to possibly be a reincarnation of a serial killer but who doesn't want their fifteen minutes of fame? I've had outlandish fantasies that would seem like something coming from the mind of the great late countess. Also when I watched bloody movies i'd always get thirsty, It was very odd. There was even a time where I was intimate with my then husband and something seemed to had taken over my body, I was aware of everything happening but I had no control over what I had said or what I had did. It was a very scary moment in my life that I feared I would not control myself again. There was no diagnosis of split personality disorder and never was in the future. Tell me, do YOU see the resemblance?

Elizabeth Bathory

Do you ever meet someone and it feels like you knew them from somewhere when you know you've never seen them before in your life? I've had a few instances like that as well. It's like instant best friends catching up on long lost time... centuries of time it could very well be! I met one man, his name was Michael and we clicked from the get-go and admitted "it's like I've known you forever"... I remembered being close with him in that life I depicted above. I actually think we were cousins. We were extremely close. After a while (in this life) we fell apart and carried on with our own lives. It also turned out that my now ex husband Trevor and I were also acquainted, He killed my lover in the life I depicted and was the head of the Ottoman Empire (or so we were told by a see-er) He acted innocent and won my affections in the past life, Which ultimately scared the man away in this life when he found out who my ex husband was.

Reincarnation could be either a blessing or a curse, for some... BOTH

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 Reasons Autumn Is The Best Season

5 Reasons Autumn Is The Best Season

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Autumn (Fall) is the time of year to sit outside huddled in your favorite hoodie with a good book and a nice hot cup of Apple Cider. It's the time to take family pictures at the pumpkin patch or go apple picking in the orchard. The weather cools off from a humid summer season and the leaves begin to make their magical transformations from green to orange to red as they fall from the tree canopies overhead. Sure that means you have to rake the leaves before the winter season but there's even joy in that, Raking huge piles to let your kids play and jump in the leaves always seems to bring some amount of joy. There's also two wonderful Autumn holidays to look forward to during the season. One of which is my favorite holiday of the whole year. I will tell you 5 reasons why autumn is the best season of the year.

1. It's hoodie season! Who doesn't want to pull on their favorite hoodie, cardigan, or sweater and walk around the neighborhood admiring the trees? I love being able to wear my hoodie and a pair of jeans to enjoy the weather with a nice long walk or sitting on the front porch while my son plays with the falling leaves. Leaving the summer behind for another year we just want to have a bonfire and knock back a couple of pumpkin ale beers to revel in the new season and provide a nice cup of apple cider and glazed doughnut holes to the kiddos.

2. The changing colors of the leaves! Nothing is better than going outside daily to see how much the environment around you changed in a single night. Every day it looks like a different place and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your front lawn. Just close your eyes and breathe in the clean crisp air with the gentle leafy scent of wet grass and fresh fallen leaf the aroma can leave you hypnotized.

3. The various foods! Autumn is the time of being thankful and how else would you be thankful than indulging in the guilty pleasures of food? Thanksgiving is in Autumn and is the perfect time to surround yourself in the pleasant company of good food, family, and friends."Did you try Grandma's green bean casserole or Aunt Jemma's Stuffing?" Don't forget the turkey that can be cooked in so many different ways! The Pumpkin and Sweet Potato pies are very popular with the crowd this time of year also. I like stuffing with water chestnuts and gelatinous cranberry sauce and obviously the big juicy turkey meat.

4. Halloween is in Autumn! Who's favorite holiday is Halloween? I love thinking up ideas for costumes which i usually do in September. I love to see all the decorations being put out in store and on front lawns. My favorite thing about Halloween is to pass out candy to the Trick Or Treaters. I love seeing what costumes they come up with and you do tend to see some adorable ones. I also love taking my son Trick or Treating down East Scarborough in Cleveland Heights, Ohio They go all out on decor on that street. It's cute hearing my little 4 year old son say "Trick or Treat?" as we go door to door. We usually dress up as mother/son group costumes because he completes me Actually thinking of dressing up as character and dinosaur from Jurassic World this year and it's always popular with the houses we go to that even I get candy. The sugar rush we get that night is outstanding!

5. Perfect Family Time Season! My son is my world and it's tough being a single mother but there's twice the joy you get doing so especially in the Autumn. I love taking my son on walks around the block to look at the trees or play in the fallen leaves with him. Eventually I want to take him to a pumpkin patch and go for a hay ride and possibly an apple orchard. I like taking him Trick or Treating on Halloween and on Thanksgiving when it's my turn to say what i'm grateful for it's always him. I remember my dad taking me to haunted houses when I was little and watching scary movies with me in the living room with a fire ablaze in the fireplace or raking the leaves into humongous piles and letting me swim in them. Or going to a bonfire and having a few beers with some good friends. It's the perfect time of year to be around your family and friends.