Saturday, July 23, 2016

Born to Love, Raised To Hate

Born To Love, Raised To Hate

All this hate out there reminds me of a woman that lived in my neighborhood years ago. I do not know her name. All I remember was she was an older Indian woman. She didn't speak any English but would stop in front of my house 3 times a week while walking her grandson. My son would go up to him and they would start babbling and they would occasionally play in the yard together. She and I would just laugh and smile at each other while they made friends. You'd think this was a very long time ago with the hate that is plaguing the world today. In fact, it was only 3 years ago. With all the hate going on today I wish I could see her one more time and give her a great big hug. I was not raised to hate like many are today, I have black friends, white friends, Asian friends, and even one from Pakistan who I never once thought "Maybe he's a terrorist". a child is born pure of heart and loves everyone. Makes best friends in a matter of minutes with any child. They don't see skin color, or assume that person is a terrorist based on their religious background. They have no fear of another person. That is learned as they get older and as they are taught "these people are bad" or "These people you should be friends with" Personally, I think it's ridiculous! first the Jews were eliminated, and for what? then segregation between blacks and whites and then the Taliban that all Middle Eastern people are the bad people. Now it's Muslims. You can't hate a whole race of people based on a few of their poor choices. Sure Isis is a bad group of people but not all Muslims are Isis associated. You can't hate a person for wearing a turban,  Do you agree that sounds silly? "You wear a Turban so I don't like you" It's really all based on fear. People don't like many things when fear is instilled in them. On Facebook a Canadian man was putting me down and greatly insulting me... why? Because I'm American and to him all American's were inbred unintelligent wastes of air. Do you really want kids to become like him? To hate someone for the smallest difference? There needs to be changes in the world and more love shown to the children.

"Heal The World
Make It A Better Place
For You And For Me
And The Entire Human Race
There Are People Dying
If You Care Enough
For The Living
Make A Better Place
For You And For Me"
- Michael Jackson

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pokemon Go App

What Is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is the newest trend in Augmented Reality gaming. Ultimately, you use your device to catch Pokemon and live out your childhood fantasies of being a Pokemon Trainer like Ash, Brock, and Misty. You create your avatar and proceed with real time GPS to move within' the map of the game to attract and catch the game's 150 Pokemon. You begin with either Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander or the beloved Pokemon Pikachu. As you catch the Pokemon within' the game, it adds them to the Pokedex. The Pokedex is a journal of the various 150 Pokemon that you can catch. You can also go to the various buildings that are dubbed Gyms or Poke-Stops. Poke-Stops are where every five minutes you can get free items. and Gyms you are allowed to go to once you reach level five in the game. At level five you pick your team, Red (Valor) Blue (Mystic) or Yellow (Instinct) They all have different views on the training and upbringing of Pokemon. You get XP for utilizing Poke-Stops and for catching Pokemon. Within the game you obtain "Candies" when you catch a Pokemon and you can evolve it. It's a very fun game for all ages.

I have been apart of the Pokemon Go pandemic since the week after it came out. I find this game very entertaining but at the same time can be very dangerous for the people playing. I've heard so many stories about people getting mugged for their phones, or getting into accidents for not using common sense and watching where they're going while playing the game. I however have a little more sense. I don't look at my phone until I am on the sidewalk. I do not stop in the middle of intersections or the road while crossing the street to catch a Pokemon or utilize a Poke-Stop. I didn't think it was rocket science considering it reminds you to be aware of your surroundings on the game's loading page.

This game does however fulfill  my childhood dreams of becoming a trainer and I love being able to catch Pokemon. I also like that it keeps you active and moving. My foster brothers and my nephew also play this game and always want to go on Poke-Walks to catch Pokemon and usually are gone for up to an hour or more at a time. The bad part of it is my neighborhood has a curfew for minors and they think it's smart to go on Poke-Walks at 2 in the morning. My mother is dreading the day she gets called by the neighborhood officers to pick them up at the local station. I am on level 7 mainly because I only play to and from work and utilize a handful of Poke-Stops. I should make an effort to let this game make me more active, heaven knows I need to lose the weight and the exercise. The fact that this game doesn't target a specific age group is also very nice. I know people as young as 9 to as old as their 60's who play this game and use it for different reasons whether it be the "fulfilling dreams" game like me or just to make their morning walks more motivated and interactive. It's definitely worth checking out though just be careful, be alert, and be aware of the real world while you play. After all it is not real, it's altered reality.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Whisper App Review

I found the Whisper App on the Google Play Store when the app was just beginning to get popular. I've had my fair share of experiences using this application both good and bad.

What is Whisper?

Whisper is a virtual confessional app for your phone or device. You can tell your deepest secrets anonymously and let yourself be known at your own discretion. You add a whisper and can add a related image to your whisper's background or even take your own background image using your camera and customize the whisper's text style as well. It has it's own chat feature and you can reply to other people's whispers with your own response whispers. The whispers are broken up into four categories. Groups, Nearby, Popular, and Latest, they can locate other users near you with your location on your device. It has chat ratings and a block feature for members who might harass you. It is a good way to come out in the open about things you couldn't really tell someone to their face. The app gives you numbers of how many whispers you've created, Replies you've posted, and whispers you've "hearted" It also keeps all the Whispers and replies you've made in your settings so you may refer back to them in the future. The settings let you customize your username (default is "anonymous") which can be changed at any time and also change notification alerts and create a private pin so others that use your phone cannot access your whispers. If you uninstall the app all your stored information is wiped clean.

First of all, I made many friends on this app, one of which became my "soul sister" and overall my best friend. No one ever understood me like she did and it got to the point where one of us submitted a "whisper" we'd know it belonged to the other and mainly tease each other with smart-ass comments or "Replies" on the other one's whisper. We were texting buddies for 2 years while she lived in Kent and me in Cleveland, neither of us drove. She knew a guy in Cleveland and later on moved in with him on the west side. After 2 years we finally met in person and it really just sealed our fate as best friends. Now we'll be moving in together hopefully around next Tax Return season.

Secondly, Whisper is a good way to get your burdens out in the open. You can Confess anything to everyone and remain anonymous. Have a deep dark secret? Have to tell someone but you don't want a person to know you told? Whisper is the Go-To place for that. It definitely helped me when I needed to let some skeletons out of the closet.

Third of all, There's also the benefit of the positive support you gain entrusting your secrets to complete strangers there's the good and bad in that. I've connected with quite a few people and even fellow bloggers who gave me ideas. To review Whisper was actually among them.

Now to all light, there is dark and Whisper does have it's dark sides. First being, many of the users are of a younger generation of 14-17 year olds. So some of what you read include "my boyfriend dumped me i'll never get married" and a lot pett over-dramatic whispers and people just trying to get attention.

Secondly, Whisper is a "Troll Haven." You can't post anything without being judged by some of the readers and those readers are very outspoken in their response and opinions and will say anything to make you feel like a horrible person. You cannot be emotionally sensitive and use this app sadly you must have a bit of a thick skin.

Final negative observation is that this app is swarming with desperate men and women.You WILL receive your fair share of solicited and unwanted genital pictures. Whisper has been doing a better job to fight those unwanted solicitations by censoring pictures and making it your choice whether or not you view any and all images exchanged during a chat. Also you are now able to rate and block users at your own discretion.

Whether you use this App or not, all I can say is... "continue with caution"

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why I Would Never Subject My Parents To A Nursing Home

Why I Would NEVER Subject My Parents To A Nursing Home

My Biological Family
When I was three I was put into Foster Care and Adopted by a ridiculously loving and at times tough loving family. (Above is my birth family, Top Left: My mother Mary Coyne, Top Right: Harry (Douglas) Coyne Jr., Bottom Right, my sister Yvette Coyne, and Bottom Left: Myself aka Angel Coyne) Even though on paper they no longer have any legal rights to me they will always be my birth parents and I love them dearly.

My Adoptive Father and my youngest son

My Adoptive Mother and my youngest son at his birth
Pictured above are my adoptive parents. Anthony Sr. and Rita Bar. My Father was the tough loving type always was and always will be and throughout my teen and young adult life I hated him for it. My mother Rita on the other hand was always sweet, gentle, and loved you unconditionally with every last ounce of her heart type. With all the stories I hear about Nursing Home abuse, I'd never dream of letting all four of these people live their lives out that way. I wouldn't wish that harm on my worst enemy. My birth parents were rather young when they had me. My mother was 18 and my father was 21 or so. My adoptive family however are older. When I moved in with them my mom was 43 and my father 46. Both my mother and my mom have always expressed themselves in a creative manner whether it be latch hooking, sewing, gardening, painting. They know how to get work done. and my Father and Dad have always been the handy types. My father has always worked in construction and roofing while my dad was a lineman up until his retirement. but they were always doing something with their hands whether it was rewiring electricity lines through the house, changing oil and tires on the vehicles, or plumbing. My mom was there for two of my son's births My adoptive parents put up with so much from my troubled life and I have treated them very poorly in the past. but before you judge me, I have been trying every day to do something to make up for it now since their older even if it's picking something up for them off the ground because they have trouble kneeling now I volunteer to do laundry, take out the trash, move heavy objects. All this I didn't bother to ask them when I was younger. Now that my Adoptive parents are older I enjoy spending time with my Dad and attempting to be creative with my Mom.. My Birth mother was always young at heart. I remember going to her place when her and my father got divorced and watching scary movies and gardening. My most memorable moment with her was having a hose fight one night while watering the garden and her teaching my sister and I how to dance and be limber. My Father taught me how to make amazing Cream of Chicken noodle casserole. It's so easy to make but it's delicious. I also remember his visit to Hawaii when I was living there with my ex husband. My then husband climbed into the trunk of my dad's rental car and my husband directed us where we were going. my father ran over every bump he could find. He never liked my husband, neither did my adoptive parents. I should have taken that as a sign honestly.  I also had my first motorcycle ride with my father. My birth parents always got me nice things for the holidays and always came over to see and meet the grand-kids. My mother was reluctant to meet the grand-babies because she was convinced she was too young to become a grandmother but after time and a short falling out she did accept the inevitable and confessed to me that she keeps tabs on them through Facebook until she gets a chance to meet them. My dad loves his grand-kids particularly my youngest. He's always wanting to take him to the beach or the coolest playground and just overall spend time with him though he will yell at him when it's called for because he's still a tough loving grump. All this pretty much explains why I couldn't bear to see any of them in a Nursing home. You pay people to abuse your parents and that's just not right. When that day comes I will be their caregiver. My parents love me and I will in a way pay that love back when they become helpless They changed my diapers, fed me, taught me how to live in this world and make something of myself the LEAST I can do for them is the changing and feeding. They will forever be wiser than me. I want to spend as much time as I can in their presence before it's too late. Whenever my mom makes something I want one too. not because I have to have everything she makes for other people or for jealousy issues as she thinks it's because of but because I want to collect lots of  things she made with love to have when her time comes. She has always been my best friend and I want to have as much of her as I can. My Dad was never very artsy or i'd have him do the same, I just document our time spent in diaries and pictures and always volunteer to go places with him just to make a memory. I love you Mother, Mom, Father (Daddy), and Dad I want to make you proud!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Living a Bi-Polar Life

Living A Bi-Polar Life

I've been suffering from Bi-polar Disorder, Severe Depression, Schizoaffective Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and an Attachment Disorder also known as Borderline Personality Disorder for as long as I can remember. Even though i'm medicated for the Bi-Polar and the Depression these illnesses plague my life every day. My illnesses make it hard to maintain positive relationships with family and friends. My depression made me have a major setback in school. I wouldn't go for months at a time and since I had a hard time making friends, I would get into fights a lot and have manic episodes where I would be kind've mean and in Junior high, no one understood my illnesses. I was forced to transfer schools twice and I was put on an I.E.P (Individualized Education Plan) for my behavioral problems. I felt like an outcast and was treated as such. I did manage to graduate high school in 07' after I gave birth to my first child. My illnesses got the best of me and I went into a deep post-partum depression. I would not get out of bed for that child. My sister then took over the role of mother and to this day raises him because I wasn't ready mentally and is on the road to adoption. in 2009 I gave birth to another son and struggled but mentally was doing better. Until the husband and I moved back to Ohio from Honolulu, Hawaii. The move devastated me as well as my husband's aggression towards me and I fell back into a severe depression. I stopped taking care of my child to the point of full blown neglect. I felt horrible but at that point the illnesses were too strong to fight. I separated from my husband and in 2011 became med compliant. I became pregnant with my 3rd child and treated the pregnancy carefully aside from the occasional arm cutting due to the stress and mental abuse from the husband. I was hospitalized twice for cutting and once for possible preterm labor. After my third son's birth I took one look at him and I had the strength to battle my illnesses. I quit cutting and got back on my medicines. My illnesses seemed to go away for most of his infancy. I fought hard and did what I had to do. diaper changes, medicine administer, even woke up every time he cried to feed him. I washed his bottles and played with him. It was so hard to put him down when he was a newborn. As the years began to go by my mental health began to deteriorate again. Even though I would still change him in the mornings It's became harder to wake up in the mornings and there would be times I would just want to be left alone or I'd rather play on my phone than pay attention to him.I wouldn't take him outside to play or to the park. All I would do is feed him, get him a beverage, and change his diaper. I would have problems with my family as well. I would get very on edge about everything and anything said to me. I would go off very easily, especially on my sister and my mother. Everything they did aggravated me to the point I would start saying things i'd later regret.and be mean to them. I realized what my triggers were. being demanded, and people being extremely nosy. My mother and sister do both. My father didn't normally trigger episodes and when I got into these episodes I wouldn't talk to my friends at all and have hurt their feelings when i ignored my better judgement. Luckily I have two friends that understand me and my illnesses and forgive me after I have an episode and are sometimes able to calm me down. Good to have people who understand you.  I now also have a dog who is my emotional support dog she keeps me active so my depression can't take over completely and now I will sometimes leave my phone upstairs on the weekends so I can pay more attention to my son. my Mental illnesses have seemed to go into remission as long as I'm med compliant

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4 Ways Prayer Has Worked For Me

4 Ways Prayer Has Worked For Me

There's many doubts of there being a God or whether or not Praying to God even works. I used to be skeptical of God and Praying until It had worked in my favor. Think about me and my story next time you need Lord in your life and remember Prayer works and God will always prevail when you need it most and this is coming from a once Atheist

1. I prayed for my misery to end. I was in an abusive and toxic marriage for a total of 5 years. I Was choked, beaten, raped, and verbally, mentally, and emotionally tortured on a daily basis that I resorted to self mutilation, or "cutting" because I found myself worthless. I would continuously cut myself with my then husband's knife or a razor on my right arm or leg multiple times a day due to the abuse. I eventually got strong enough to leave him. Every time we got into an argument he would call up my parents and tell them he's taking me to them because he was "done with me" I would move back in with my parents and nearly a month later he would give me the "I don't want to be like that I'll never do it again" sob story and I would fall for it. But then we'd get into another argument and he'd take me back to my parents. Eventually I got tired of the yo-yo of our marriage and refused to go back with him. For a while even though i wasn't with him I was still miserable and cutting myself. I fought with my father multiple times a day to the point I'd only eat if he was asleep or unless my mother would bring food to my room. I lost a lot of weight because my meals would consist of a sandwich or a bowl of microwavable soup a day. I would cry myself to sleep many nights or lock myself inside the bathroom with my razor or a steak knife I would sneak from the kitchen. This went on until 2011. When I became pregnant. I quit cutting because I quit letting my Husband get the best of me and quit conversation all together for the best for me and my pregnancy. that baby was a blessing and my prayer answered.

2. I prayed for a healthy baby boy. I became pregnant in 2011 and it was far from being an easy pregnancy. I would contract and would go to the hospital for them to stop the contractions since it was too soon. The Doctors even shot me with steroids to help his lungs develop faster in case he were to be born prematurely. I Always had morning sickness and cramping. It was a miserable pregnancy. Fortunately he was born a week early and aside from swallowing a little Meconium in the womb He was healthy, That is until he was hospitalized for a birth rash and they couldn't figure it out. I prayed that they would find out why my son was covered in red hive like bumps since birth.We were given various ointments and medications to clear up his rash but nothing worked and one made him break out worse. Eventually we took him to his pediatrician and he was diagnosed with scabies. We were both treated for it and it went away. God had answered my prayers once again.

3.  I prayed to God for my job, I was with a man and got a call on my voicemail for a job interview at the very agency I was working with to get a job. I was very nervous with it being my first interview, "um" and "uh" were very common in my answers to Terry and Nancy. When I felt more comfortable we began joking and my nerves were put at ease. After the interview was over I sat in the lobby and prayed I'd get the job. Sure enough God heard me and I got the job I hadn't felt more for-filled than that moment. It was a near exhilarating feeling. I have been at my job since May 28th, 2015.

4. I prayed for my relationship with my father to improve. As I stated, my relationship with my father was extremely shaky. He was a bit of an alcoholic and would target me with his anger whenever he drank to much. We tried counselling but we would not see eye to eye in anything the therapist would say. There was no hope so I would pray to God that my father and I would somehow resolve our personal issues and that Alcohol would stop inflicting havoc on the household. After I had my son, and got my job, My father started laying off me a bit more and began to drink less and less as the weeks went by. I started seeing things differently as well and stopped blaming him for all my problems. We began to develop a deep respect for one another. He would start to defend me when arguments with my mom would ensue and I him. Now in 2016 we couldn't be any closer. I bought him sweatshirts for Christmas, a watch for his birthday, and a heartfelt card and little slot machine/bank for father's day. I am now closer to him than I am to my mother. I am happy riding in the vehicle with him and when we have the house to ourselves. He taught me how to grill Hamburgers which I am still not close to becoming the Master at doing. Things have been going great.

So whether you believe or not, next time you are going through a hard time, need a job, or even just a laugh during the day try praying for it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free The Breasts

So did you know a cheap bra at Wal*Mart can cost $15.00? They really only last a couple weeks On average they cost $40.00 and last maybe a couple months. That's a burden for a big chested girl to go without a bra. I'm DD and I only own 2 bras at this present time because the cheap ones suck and the expensive ones I can't afford. The Bra Industry is a multi-million dollar industry and you know what? They can do that because of a women's need for bras they can make us pay absurd amount of money for one lousy bra. But these days more and more women are "Freeing" their breasts so to speak. They no longer wear bras. It's summer you can't see me or other big chested women doing that thanks to perspiration from skin touching areas. But alas many fortunate women, or the "Small Chested" women can get away with it. Almost makes me jealous! Heh, and men say we have NO worries in the world, only if they knew right?

Internet Trolls and Goblins

Internet Trolls started back in forum threads. The science behind them is boredom and as they say "miserable loving company" I know many of you have come across these creatures. Since I began my blog I've come across a couple and they flood to Facebook. Were they unloved as a child? Maybe it is boredom, regardless they seem to be the most heartless species. Not even human to a point even though they look like us but their hearts tend to be so cold and they get off on insulting people and trying to expose them. I will admit they used to bother me a great deal but that was until I realized they are talking hot air. None of their insults make sense or even have a personal value to the cruel things they think up. They are best described as cyber bullies. Cyber bullying will always be out there. It will always be the top reason for teen suicide rates being high and some adults even end their own lives. You just have to remember that these words are meant to hurt you and rise above it. Seek support in a group, or with friends. You can run from the Trolls and Goblins but you can't hide from them. To the victims of Trolling and cyber bullying, you are not alone! Feel free to talk to me I've dealt with various bullying most of my life and I can help you.

HeyFox Clothing: Purple Mermaid Leggings

I had bought 2 pairs of leggings from HeyFox Clothing I first saw the shop on Facebook and was excited when I saw they sold sizes up to 4XL, so I took a look around. Mermaid leggings are so hard to find in plus size, They're either non-existent or too expensive. I paid $13.99 for these when I ordered them. They are very comfortable and stretchy, These pair too looked too small when I laid them out but they fit like a glove and accent my best feature, my thick thighs! The leggings are very well colored and shiny which definitely gets a lot of attention. I will be buying more leggings from this online store in the future! The only problem was that the leggings take forever to arrive!

Buy them here: Mermaid Purple Leggings

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful)

La Vita E Bella (Life Is Beautiful) is one of the most beautiful foreign movies I've ever seen. It was released in 1998 in the United States It starts out as a comedy based around how Guido (Roberto Benigni) A Jewish waiter, meet's the beautiful Dora (Nicoletta Braschi) a high classed Christian woman in 1940's Italy With his comedic charm they meet in the most outlandish circumstances until she falls in love with him and he takes her away from her businessman fiance. Then they have a son Joshua (Giorgio Cantarini) Soon Guido and Joshua are separated by Dora and they are whisked away to a concentration camp. Guido sacrifices everything to preserve his son's innocence through the remainder of the time they are at the camp. Trying to find ways to hint to Dora they are well throughout their time spent. The movie then becomes very sad as was the Holocaust in it's entirety.The end of the movie there is a very bittersweet happy ending. I would suggest this movie to all my family and friends. It meets everything the heart may desire from laughter, to sadness, to tears of joy. This movie has it all!

I bought it off Amazon here:  Life Is Beautiful

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

HeyFox Clothing: Star Wars Leggings

I had bought a pair of Star Wars leggings from HeyFox Clothing They seemed small when they finally arrived but when I put them on, they fit perfectly! They are very comfortable and the material was very stretchy. I thought that my thick thighs would warp the faces but in fact they did not. I paid $13.99 for these leggings and for purple mermaid scale leggings as well. I was impressed that these leggings come in plus sizes unlike the other legging stores you find online.

Wearing my Leggings

Fur-Parents Are Parents Too

Fur-Parents Are Parents Too!

My son, Fur-Daughter, and Myself
So I see a lot of comments where pet owners are not parents. Why? Puppies, Kittens, Cats, Dogs they're all like children, Aren't they? You have to bathe, feed, potty train them, give them lots of love and affection. They are very much like children if not more so. My puppy gets into everything and makes a mess wherever she goes, just like my son does. I have friends who would die for their pets. their pets are their babies. My "Pessa" is MY baby girl and I tell my son I have 2 babies. Him and her. so now when we all cuddle he says "mommy's two babies" He loves his fur-sister and always wants to be around her. So I'm having trouble seeing why pet owners like my friends and myself can't consider our pets our children or our "fur-babies". Everyone says dogs and cats are like children but they can't be "mommy's girl" or "daddy's boy"? That makes no sense. I say hell with it. If you have a pet you love with all your heart that you consider it a fur-child celebrate Mother's day or Father's day you ARE a parent to a child it just so happens to have paws and a tail instead of hands and feet. I consider myself lucky to be the mother of a person as well as a fur-baby. I love them both!

Modern VS. Vintage

So today I've been thinking, what happened to old time romance? Wooing a girl and going steady? Now it's online dating and "here's a picture of my d**k". My parents have been married for 40+ years, now a days people get divorced in a year. I may just be old fashioned when I say this but am I wrong for wanting a guy to buy me flowers on a first date instead of condoms? Ladies and gentleman are a rare and possibly dead breed. What happened to the women who waited for their man to come back from war? Now most of them soldiers get "Dear John" letters because they found another man or woman since Women can serve now too... Girls from back in the day in my opinion were classy they were conservative and feminine NOT that being feminine is a bad thing but it seems as time goes on women wear less and less because the idea of being classified as "sexy" has a new meaning these days. It's all about chest and backsides hanging out and heels of pumps getting longer. What the f**k happened to the old days? I was born in the wrong era. Where a man would walk up to a woman and say "care for a movie?" OR "may I have this dance?" Instead of sending a text saying "let's hang out" or "netflix and chill?" The girls need a lot more self respect as well. Bodies are meant to be explored not the goods displayed for the world to see. Maybe that's just my opinion though. I saw a meme on facebook where a little old lady who's been married for 50 years gave out her secret. "when we were born we learned when something is broken you fix it not throw it in the trash." The world has changed so much and I don't think that much for the better. Oldies music and comedy was better too! How I love to watch Dean Martin sing in his collaborations with funny man Jerry Lewis, Or listen to a little Judy Garland or Nat King Cole while i lay down. Things just aren't how they used to be and this makes me sad. we should bring back some of the ways of the 40s or 50s don't you think?

You're so Gay & THat's OKAY!

You're so gay, and that's okay!

Why is there so much hate towards the LGBT community? Honestly, I've never met a group of people with bigger hearts THAN The LGBT Community. I've been around the LGBT community since first grade. I had a feeling my best childhood friend Vishal was going to be gay, and you know what? That was completely A O.K! I am straight... well maybe bi-curious I have been with a couple females but I was young and taken advantage of and didn't really know what I was doing. In my adult life I've had a crush on a few of my female friends to the point one of them is known as my "Straight Lizzie Lover" and another is my soul sister whom I actually asked out once and she turned me down but we've remained close friends. There's also been another girl who had a crush on me and only agreed to a 3 sum with me and my ex to get to me. he wasn't so happy when he found that out haha! she and I are still friends even though that encounter never came to pass. Also there is nothing I wouldn't do to Halle Berry or Salma Hayek either! I work with a gay man and he makes every day at work entertaining somehow with what he wears to work or things he says. he really has no filter. I can't forget my brother from another mother! Things he says are straight up out there. We once had a conversation about Butt Babies on our way to a spur of the moment trip to Cedar Point. All in all you're missing out on amazing people if all you do is show hate towards these big hearted and fun loving group of people! All they want in life is to have fun and live their lives to the fullest and I'd rather be around them than a straight person any day!

Epidural or Ol' Natural?

Epidural or Natural Birth?

Which do you prefer, Epidural or Natural child birth? I've had both and i'd have to say I prefer natural because when I was able to cope with the pain of a natural childbirth with my 3rd child I bonded with him on so many more levels than my other two. This does not mean my level of love varies from child to child but we just seem much closer in everything.
When I was seventeen I became pregnant with my first child. I gave birth when I was eighteen on April 3rd, 2007 and I had an Epidural. I was afraid of the pain of natural child birth mainly because of media and how horrific they exaggerate it to be. I saw my first live child birth when I was in fifth Grade. we went to the Health Museum in Cleveland, Ohio and I think in a way it traumatized me. But The Epidural during contractions was painful in it's own right. After the epidural was in it was honestly smooth sailing. Some call it the Easy Road of birth. There has always been controversy to pain medications during child birth. On Friday March 13th, 2009 I was blessed with my second child. Epidural? no. Instead I was on pain medication with him so I felt the pressure and a moderate amount of pain. My third and (for now) final child was born May 11th, 2012. It was by far the hardest pregnancy I had but maybe that's just because i'm a big baby when it comes to most things. I had killer motion sickness which was awful because I worked doing a paper route with my mother driving around from 2:30 am - 6:50 am in a van delivering papers. Only things that would keep me from vomiting in the van during work was if I drank Arizona's Watermelon Cocktails and snacking on my huge bag of Skittles my mother bought me. How those helped is as beyond me as it may be to you. It makes no sense when sugar usually makes nausea worse. The morning of his birth we went to the hospital while I was contracting. The Nurses insisted I get an Epidural or at least pain medication for the contractions. I completely refused all remedies they had offered me; my mother even tried to convince me to accept that I wouldn't be a bad person if I did comply with the medicine suggestions but of course I became stubborn and insisted not to. I held the rail of the bed tight and cried in pain. I could feel everything 10 fold. The baby coming into the birth canal, the crowning, His head and body forcing it's way out of it's 9 month home. When I saw him I never saw anything so beautiful since 2009 I cried tears of joy because that pain I went through gave me a little gift from God to cherish and take care of. It was more than worth it and as soon as he looked into my eyes the next day I was in love. I still look at him with adoration even though he's a rambunctious little four year old now. I believe the natural birth had something to do with it. But whether or not you have a natural birth does not determine what kind of parent you will be. pain of labor doesn't decide that. The amount of love in your heart does however. Love your child/children with every last breath you take.

G.G.Martinsen: Purple MP3/MP4 32 GB Media Player

This item is very small and will fit in your tiniest of pockets. It plays video, music, FM radio, and a few games and E-books. you can also store photos. It comes with a USB cord so you may transfer media from your computer to your device and a pair of average Headphones to listen to it I mainly use this device for the radio, You can pick up stations that would be difficult to pick up on your stereo. the local Cleveland, OH channel 91.5FM doesn't seem to work on this device which is a bit of a bummer but I will survive! This device would be perfect for a child who you don't believe is old enough for a smartphone.

Media Player can be found here: MP3/MP4 Media Player

UmbrellaLaborotory: Steampunk Nautical Pirate Compass Earrings

I love the detail of these earrings! they wear well and stay put thanks to the little bit of weight on them. The only thing i would change would make the Compass Pendants a tiny bit bigger for more of a "WOW" factor to really show them off and make a statement.

Working with UmbrellaLaboratory was a dream come true this company is swift in their shipping and a friendly bunch was very pleased to work with them and excited to possibly work with them again in the future.

UmbrellaLaborotory: Victorian Steampunk Sugar Skull necklace Zombie Day of the dead pendant

I found this curator on Etsy (OldJunkyardBoutique). This item is so beautiful and the detail is amazing! it's about 2" tall and 1.5" wide It is very sturdy in your hand and the chain is as well. It's connected at the top of the cross making it a pull over chain. I have gotten quite a few compliments on this piece and my mother, even though she's not exactly keen to darker styled anything, called this necklace "Exquisite" I wear this necklace every day! It's almost my mascot haha! working with this company (UmbrellaLaborotory) Was a delight! they are very friendly and love constructive criticism as well as feed off positive feedback. I really have nothing negative to say about this product!