Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Letter to Santa Claus

All I Want For Christmas Santa

Dear Santa,

This Year, all I want for Christmas is for my family to find the joy in Christmas again. Most of us have lost the Christmas spirit especially my mom. She now dreads the holidays because it's become so stressful. She told me not to get her anything for Christmas and it really hurts her feelings when she buys presents for people and they are never satisfied. This year she spent a ridiculous amount of money on presents for teenagers. she got one a new phone, she got one a new computer and it's just milking the fun right out of the Holiday. I think the total amount I've spent on my son for a number of presents, she spent probably more on one item for the teenagers. I know this year i'm getting a bath robe and that's awesome but I just want to have a happy family holiday season this year. I want to spend time watching Christmas movies or cooking in the kitchen with my mom and sister. I'm making Tiramisu this year because it's my favorite dessert! Now i don't have any money to buy a present for my parents because I have a newly set up budget. I also wish I could spend the holidays with my best friend in the whole world! I miss and love her so much! I wish one of us drove a car, i'd see her all the time then i bet! Well Santa, If you could help my family and friends have a great Christmas not only this year but every year there after I would greatly appreciate it!.

with all my love,

7 Tricks For A Successful Job Interview

7 Tricks For A Successful Job Interview

So I've had maybe 3 job interviews in my life, but they all were success stories. I made it passed the first interview at the most recent of the three and they are interested in a second so i can meet more managers of the company. The tricks I've learned for a successful job interview would be...

1. Dress appropriately. If you're going into an interview for a business job you would wear a suit or nice pants and blouse/dress shirt If you go to a job interview for even a more casual position like a food joint dress nice and care for your hygiene such as brushing your hair and teeth, take a shower before, etc. I wore tight black pants, a grey top and a tan knitted sweater. I had brushed my hair and teeth prior and even wore some makeup to cover the scars on my face. This makes the potential Employers believe you have self-confidence and that you take good care of yourself.

2. Give them a strong but not Tarzan crushing bones strong handshake. A firm handshake shows self-confidence. That you can take control and that you are equal to the person interviewing you.

3. Smile at the interviewer as you greet them. make them feel like you want to be there! A smile is a million words. It makes people feel comfortable to be around you and gives them an idea of how you'll treat other employees and/or customers.

4. Be outgoing and friendly, Find common ground with the interviewer and talk to them like you're just having a chat on the phone with your friend! (refrain from swearing) and keep eye contact. For me our common ground were tattoos and video games. I learned she was a World Of Warcraft fan and she looked awesome covered in all of her tattoos! I even had the courage to tell her that i'm Bi-polar which she stated was not a problem!

5. Listen intently to what they tell you, you don't need me to tell you to use every opportunity to learn something. But you get big brownie points if you try to be interested in what they have to say and what they'll teach you. I learned what GMOs are and some of their protocol for how the animals they use are treated humanely in pastures. Since this was a position at Chipotle I also learned exactly why they didn't have pork for a while. I learned they import their Beef from Australia and their Pork from the U.K. I like learning so I made sure what she said really stuck with me so I can relay that information in the future.

6. Do Not ask how much you will be making, they will tell you when they explain everything to you. Asking for the pay amount makes it seem like that's the only reason you're there. (Even if it is, you don't want them to know that) She voluntarily told me how much I would be making and it pleasantly surprised me. She also explained the benefits of an employee of the company.

7. Give another firm handshake when the meeting is over and thank them for taking the time to meet with you. They work hard and it really matters when they take some time to stop what they are doing and show interest in what you say and how you approach the situation. This was where it had ended and she told me I would be getting a call for a second interview so the other managers could meet me and she said, and I quote "We like to all see who we bring into the company" so having a second interview is a pretty big deal!

So whether it's a job at McDonald's or Chipotle, or it's a job in an office always be respectful and refer to these tricks I have listed and I can almost Guarantee you'll get "the call" CHEERS!! and Happy job hunting!