Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Amy's Cute Creations of Atlanta Review

Amy's Cute Creations Of Atlanta

I was referred by a friend to check out this shop and I fell in love with the cute little Funky Sock Monkeys. I ended up ordering 2. A green Star Wars monkey for my son (pictured above) and a Bow Skull and Cross Bones monkey (pictured below) for myself. They came wrapped in decorative plastic bags and enclosed was an envelope with a thank you note along with business cards. The Funky Sock Monkeys were perfect until my son started throwing them around. The bow on mine undid itself and needed to be reattached it wasn't a big thing that would make me think any less of the creator. The Star Wars monkey's crotch also opened into a hole but that was because of the fabric of the sock used. The socks used come in very different fabrics. My monkey came with a bow around her neck and on her head and she had a very long tail and was wearing a tutu. Very cute for Halloween! I brought the matter to the attention of the creator and just asked for some easy fixes to the problem. I reassured her that I still loved the monkeys and gave her some suggestions on how to avoid those problems in the future. She told me "that's how i learn to improve" Overall these monkeys are adorable and perfect! She is making a custom order for my nephew and I will be buying more in the future. She also makes beautiful wreaths in her spare time which i will also be looking at ordering in the future.

About The creator, Amelia (Amy)

Amelia is a 54 year old woman who lives and sells her creations out of Atlanta, Georgia. She makes wreathes, seasonal table top artificial trees for Christmas and of course, her Funky Sock Monkeys. She made wreaths for patients in hospitals and thought "wouldn't the children prefer a toy they can play with?" and Voila! The cute Funky Sock Monkey creations were born! She loves pleasing her customers and creating custom monkeys for them. Each one is hand-made full of love and you can tell by the delicate detail she puts into her monkeys.

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