Monday, February 29, 2016

Makeup Case

This is a makeup Case I got from WISH.COM or the wish app for your device it was only about $6 but it holds two makeup bags full. It's black with white polka-dots and two tiered with a strap to hold it. There's a little compartment in it's top for makeup brushes and honestly it's quite convenient they had other colors on the app and I just got it today it seems stable and the fabric it is made with is sturdy and isn't unraveling so I will definitely put this to good use!

Miller High Life

Miller High Life. What's to say about this? It's ONLY the Champagne of Beer! not too sweet, not too bitter, great color as you pour it into a cup... i haven't QUITE perfected the pouring technique cause it always fizzes over haha but other than that I really can't complain! it's truly a matter of opinion which is why it's difficult to review a product when it's a food or beverage but this is definitely what I enjoy coming home from work to and easily taken for granted. so i'll have one for you... CHEERS!

Disney Villains, Simply Sinister Songs

This CD I got at the Harvey & Friends Bookstore at Cleveland Heights-University Heights Public Library in Cleveland Heights, Ohio i've listened to it multiple times since i got it. the soundtrack includes...

1: Pink Elephants On Parade (Dumbo)
2: Siamese Cat Song (Lady & The Tramp)
3: Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations)
4: I Wan'na Be Like You ( The Jungle Book)
5: Every Little Piece (Pete's Dragon)
6: Poor Unfortunate Souls (The Little Mermaid)
7: Gaston (Beauty & The Beast)
8: Oggie Boogie's Song (Nightmare Before Christmas)
9: You're Only Second Rate (Aladdin & The King Of Thieves)
10: Be Prepared (The Lion King)
11: Snuff Out The Light (The Emperor's New Groove)
12: Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo (Home On The Range)
13: Friends On The Other Side (The Princess & The Frog)

I find it perfect for Disney lovers, children, and those with perhaps a darker heart. Disney really got it right putting together this compilation which you HAVE to look out for and add to your collection! i'm glad I have it in mine!

can be found on amazon here: Disney Villians "Simply Sinister Songs"

Claire's Handbag

This is what I have chosen as my first official review! It's a beautiful purse i bought from Claire's at Beachwood Place in Beachwood, Ohio It is VERY spacious. and comfortable to wear cross-body, I can fit everything I need for the day and more! It has a soft fabric interior and a pleather-like exterior. Complete with zippered pockets for a grunge yet classy style which is perfect for my tastes. it also has 2 outter pockets on both sides of the bag. it was a lucky find IN-store and i'm very happy with the $40.00 I paid for it I would give it a 10/5 star rating! CHEERS!