Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Shopping Addiction

A Shopping Addiction

So I will finally confirm I have an addiction. Not to drugs or alcohol, but to online shopping. It was completely confirmed the day I activated a new credit card. I expected it to get denied when I applied for it but obviously it didn't. I accidentally put a false income but luckily I was able to fix the error on the phone banking app. I had just activated my card when I bought the whole Cold Case series, The Sims 1 full collection, New Skullcandy headphones, a Jaclyn Hill 34 shadow palette on eBay (so it's not a sure thing that it's legit), I bought Monster Energy drinks, and some other things for family members. I bought myself pain killers, Orajel, Children's Benedryl, and bandaids at the local drug store the next day. Now I only have about $80 left on it. I already figured out in my budget how i'm going to get my cards paid off by December.

This is driving me crazy! Why won't it stop? I want to be able to save up money! I have plans! I want to pay off my cards and then cut the little tempting bastards in half. Well except my Capital One card because there's such a little limit on it. $300 to be exact. If the limit goes up after the first 5 on-time payments, I'll probably consider cutting that up too. I want to save up to take my son to Disney in Florida and eventually in California as well. Maybe visit Hollywood and Universal Studios with him.

The only good thing coming my way is that I have been considered a training manager position at a local company. If I can get that job and keep making what I do now, i'll have $1,080 every 2 weeks since it's a full time gig. I would be able to pay my bills off quickly since I've been living off $540 every two weeks for about 2 1/2 years at my current job therefor wouldn't know what to do with the extra money. It will go towards my cards to get them paid off in a timely manner and then put into a savings fund for my son and my vacations. That is only if I get the job and it pays the same as I make now.

Though, I really wish I could be normal. I have so many things I have to deal with. Mental Illnesses, home life living with the parents, a mediocre job with OK pay even though I have no benefits, and my addiction that I struggle to pay off even though i'm 100% for payments. Every time I make a payment I end up maxing out the card again and then some. I'm about $40 over the max on one of my cards now. Please please please go away addiction!

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