Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blog Improvement Writing

Blog Improvement Writing

I have noticed a great improvement in my blog since it began in February of 2016. It's always nice to be interested in your own writing. I still have occasional errors I have to edit but it has become much better work. It didn't pan out with Product Review blogging. My descriptions and detail of the products were extremely mediocre at best. I still have them here on my blog. I pretty much gave up on it in September 2016 then took a hiatus in January 2017.

I have never been one to write on a given topic. Even in school I wasn't very fond of it. For example: when you get a product you have to surround your entry around that product. describe in great detail the product itself, explain how the product makes you feel and all of it's features. Say how you extremely enjoy working with that product and it's vendor. Entries also have to have a specific amount of words. That part I really was shit at.

Since those days, I've really gotten into writing about controversial topics and whatever racing thought pop into my head. This entry would be one of those racing thoughts. I jump off topic at times but I always bounce right on back. The length of my entries are at a bearable level where you won't get too bored with it right away. There's enough to get my thoughts written down but they're nowhere near a novel either.

I find myself more in depth and put all my secrets out in the open. I haven't been very good about keeping my skeletons in the closet which tends to make for a great read. I go back into my old entries and contemplate how I can improve in my skill. I've also taken up some poetry which is out of range normally but some find them rather good. I don't know if they really believe that or if they just don't want to hurt my feelings by saying it's complete trash. I want to publish them into a book one day.

I have been doing some reading lately and been including some of their styles into my own. not plagiarizing their sentences or anything but incorporating their styles into what I say or how I feel. It definitely helps the vocabulary to say the least. I will always have my signature writing style but reading does help you to use your imagination and put words together you wouldn't normally fathom writing.

I enjoy writing my blog because my deepest and racing thoughts seem to flow better when typed out. It gives me a way to confide in complete strangers especially the ones who are kind enough to comment on my posts. Sometimes it may ruffle some feathers if I write something they don't agree with but that's just who I am as a person. I hope my followers will continue to increase as well as my skill. Sometimes I picture a green bar filling above my head like in my favorite PC game. It fills whenever they are working on a skill. Perhaps it will keep increasing and I can do something great with my newfound talent. I would love to be a writer for a newspaper or a magazine. Maybe even an author at some point in the future.

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