Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Junk Food Breakup A Poem

 Junk Food Breakup

A Poem

Junk food, I've had a lot of fun with you,
but unfortunately limits are now due.
I know you will not miss me much,
Neither would I for now, you're awful to touch.
I can no longer eat hard meats or junk,
Sure it somewhat puts me in a funk.
I have to have braces and a motion carrier,
so my love for you will make me wearier.
I need to lose weight and I need to abide,
No longer having you by my side.
This will only be for two to four years with minimal harms,
After, I will embrace you with open arms.
No more hamburgers or steaks,
For my braces and motion carrier are bound to it's breaks.
When is all said and all is done,
my cravings for you must be undone.
No more sweets and no hard food,
boy does that really damper the mood.
My braces must stay so you have to go,
please don't argue and lose my flow.
Softer foods are now a must,
In my gut I must learn to trust.
You will ultimately and greatly be missed,
The way you and my mouth have kissed.
You were never, truly good for me,
That is easy and plain to see.
No more soda and no more coke,
These are the true words I have spoke.
You are to be replaced with fruit and salad,
This will help me, therefor make me glad.
The days will go quickly by,
but for now I must break up and say goodbye.

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