Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Coffee Love A Poem

Coffee Love

A Poem

Coffee, I absolutely adore you,
I could drink you all day if I wanted to.
Good with milk, even better with cream,
it's nice to be on the same team.
I think of you first thing in the morning,
my coffee intake is at times alarming.
I love you on weekends and weekdays too,
Every morning I wake up and you know just what to do.
I love coffee at home and even more so at work,
Every day by my desk you seem to lurk.
On weekends I can't seem to get enough,
You help me get off my ass to get a cup.
Sometimes you make me manic as hell,
but you're always there to ring a bell.
I get more active when I have you,
I do things around the house and seldom feel blue.
I hate when the coffee grounds are all gone,
For I can't enjoy you and give myself brawn.
The only thing bad is when I have a withdraw,
Migraines up the wazoo I heed your call.
I call you convfefe to my closest friends,
when i'm obsessed with drinking you there are no ends.
I like you brewing at home or at a coffee shop,
Sometimes when I start on you I can't stop.
My mom has occasionally said I had enough for the day,
I just look at her and say "No way!"
I like how your hot creaminess goes down my throat,
and so I follow this with a quote.
"I have measured my life with coffee spoons"
and in the morning you make me sing tunes.

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