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Psychiatry is really a hit or miss. I've gone through plenty in my life. At one point I had a private psychiatrist who charged my parents $100.00 per appointment. When I became a full grown adult, he was charged with a crime. Lost his doctor's license and was sentenced a term in prison. I felt bad for him because he was an older man. apparently he had been abusing his license and prescribing patients things they didn't need and what they asked for. It was terrible to see that happen, he was a nice man. Maybe too nice as it turned out.

When I got pregnant with my youngest I was seeing a prenatal psychiatrist at Connections Health Wellness Advocacy. She was a sweet lady and I liked her very much. She was also pregnant at the time we were matched and we bonded over that fact. She cared very much for me to have a positive outcome because I really was a big mess. She prescribed me fetus safe medications and remained my psychiatrist after the birth of my son. She eventually left Connections and went on to work for University Hospitals. After a lot of misses with other psychiatrists including a man who made me believe all my mental illnesses were just in my head and didn't emphasize on my symptoms. I tried to call UH Hospitals to get my old Psychiatrist back. She was no longer accepting new patients. I was too late.

I got sick of how I was being treated by my male psychiatrist at Connections so my sister recommended Signature Health to further my psyciatric needs and mental health. I was at a mental decline once more so I heeded her recommendation and went through the intake there. I got paired up with Tiffany and Dr. Rachel for my mental health needs. Tiffany is the nurse and is very kind and supportive. She gives me my monthly Invega Sustenna injection, get's my blood pressure and weight and sends me on over to Rachel.

I never knew that Dr. Rachel would be so awesome! She was easy to talk to and asked me if I were having each individual symptom and described what they would be when I would get confused as she tried to diagnose me. When she asked if I saw and/or heard things that weren't really there, I responded with "Yes drawers opening and closing by themselves, apparitions, and even got attacked a couple times." She said "Paranormal activity wasn't what I meant haha" Then dismissed it as a symptom. I looked at her with big eyes in adoration for her humor.

She had successfully diagnosed me with ADHD, Binge Eating Disorder, Depression, Bipolar Type II, and Generalized Anxiety. She has been extremely helpful and successful at getting me on the right combo of medications. My ADHD and Anxiety aren't treated though. She attempted medicine for ADHD and I reacted horribly. I became very irritated and mean to my family which I guess is my version of Irritability. She didn't try again for fear the medications would interact in my brain the same way. The right combo of meds seem to be my Invega injection and Lamictal. It's really a miracle drug. I have my up days as well as my down days.

Since being on Lamictal I've noticed a crazy good improvement in my moods and productivity. On the weekends I stay up late into the night to do things around the house and get some reading done. On the weekdays I make sure all the dishes are washed even if I have to load the dishwasher as well as wash the remaining dirty dishes by hand, which I actually enjoy doing. I initially thought it was a Manic Episode but she told me "It could be Mania, or it could be just how you are when you aren't depressed. Let's see how you're feeling by your next visit." Sure enough by my next visit, I was still feeling an elevated mood and was still being extremely productive around the house.

My psychiatrist Dr. Rachel and I both have a wacky sense of humor so she's stated "you're one of my favorite clients, you never fail to crack me up!" We've both even admitted that we are closet friends and that if we weren't keeping things strictly professional we'd definitely be hanging out occasionally when we weren't working. My mother also got assigned Rachel but refused her services as a conflict of interests. She's so easy to talk to that I confide in her my family problems. She once said "Maybe it's better i'm not treating you both, i'd be prescribing her things just to help you out!"

We make jokes and laugh throughout our whole sessions together. For once I actually look forward and enjoy sessions with a psychiatrist. It's great to have someone you bond with and gets you being there to treat you at your low points and celebrate with you your high points and achievements. The world needs more people like her treating patients  I am extremely lucky to find what works for me and have Dr. Rachel as a psychiatrist. It's really worked out for the best. Now if I could get my anxiety under control so i'm not such a mess in a vehicle or going down the stairs.

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