Thursday, August 10, 2017

What about Men? A Poem

What About Men?

A Poem

What is it about men?
I don't really like them.
Is it the lies they tell to get you to bed?
Is it the whispers of sweet nothing that go to your head?
What about the muscles or their charms?
Is it because they hold you with massive arms?
I haven't had good luck,
My exes couldn't be bothered to spend a buck.
They lied to me and they've cheated,
my confronting of them got extremely heated.
Why must they be so cruel to me?
Don't they know how sensitive I can be?
When they don't seem to get their way,
oh, the such mean things they will say.
Men only seem to want one thing
The love of sex that it will bring.
Sure perhaps not all men are the same,
When they adore you and call you by a nickname.
When they dote on you and sing you a silly song,
Why must my love life be so wrong?
Men are confident and at times absurd,
When you talk they don't listen to a word.
They must have abs, so that is the trend,
but for a bigger girl they will not bend.
Thay're looking for barbies, a skinny girl,
Why must they be caught up in such an imperfect world.
Why do they feel the need to lie?
for all that bullshit I will not buy.
Maybe it's me that is the problem,
I am strong and bullshit I won't fathom.
I am stubborn and childish at times,
but so are they, they change on dimes.
As they say their a dime a dozen,
But why cant one love me for the skin i'm in?
my hate for romance has grown a ton,
for I will never find the one.
Call me jaded or call me bitter,
but this hate of men will not wither.

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