Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Motion Carrier

Motion Carrier

So yesterday wasn't braces day after all. However, It was Motion Carrier day. A Motion Carrier is a little device they use to correct over-bites and probably under-bites as well. It realigns your jaw into the proper position. I've had an over-bite as long as I can remember so this is a big change for me. There's supposed to be a big rubber band connected to each side to help maneuver the jaw into place but I won't get those and/or my retainer until Friday. It doesn't hurt right now and only pokes into my cheek a little bit.  I'd imagine it will become way more sore once the rubber band aspect is involved.

My mother and I will be going grocery shopping probably Saturday for soft foods i'll be able to eat. She also said I could have the remainder of the beef bullion paste to make myself broth occasionally. My father took a couple bucks from me to buy instant potatoes as well as ranch dressing since I like to mix ranch dressing into my whipped potatoes. I love mashed potatoes and am pretty sufficient in making them from scratch on my own.I kind of wish he would have bought me a sack of whole potatoes. It's one of the softer foods I will be able to eat during my time with braces and motion carrier.

The length of time I will have to have this Motion Carrier is around four months. I'm already starting to get used to them which is pretty nice. I'll have to get used to them all over again once the rubber bands are in place though. I hope my mouth doesn't hurt too bad once this happens. It'll be a long journey to having a perfect smile. My front teeth are also turned inwards which puts my teeth at an angle. With the braces, they're planning to correct that as well which i'm extremely excited about. I hate my teeth mainly for that reason. If you look at the picture below, you can see precisely how jacked up my teeth really are.

I'm also planning on getting them whitened in the future after all is said and done. I have time before they can do that though. Unless I discover a whitening system is the better route price wise after it all is done. I have been using the Charcoal Powder on my teeth occasionally but the Dental Assistant says it can break down your enamel very fast so to only use it at the most once a week. Which I will admit I've been forgetting to do even though I brush daily. The whole routine set in motion is a pain in the ass but gotta do what you gotta do right?


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