Friday, August 4, 2017



Yesterday was a pretty decent day. Got a few things done at work for once and best of all they finally remembered my birthday. It was rather funny actually. I walked into my co-workers office for the daily coffee question and caught her signing a card. I could clearly see it was for a birthday but when I asked her what that was, she said "nothing." Then I was like "well aren't I supposed to sign it?" She replied "nope..." with a cheesy busted grin on her face. I guessed it was for me but what happened next nearly had me in tears. I was eating lunch with my co-workers and then went to my desk which is located right outside my boss' office door. I didn't notice anyone sneak past. My boss asked me if she could see me for a minute and at that point I was thinking "What did I do wrong now?" since our 1 on 1 sessions are regularly. As soon as I got to the doorway everyone broke out in song and there was a cake sitting there with my name iced onto it. I was shocked and had to laugh to keep from crying.

I said I thought I was in trouble and took the first piece. it was delicious and had extra icing due to the icing balloons. There was also ice cream, chocolate and vanilla. we all stood there eating our food and talking and joking when the dial board receptionist came in. She's Russian and my co-workers told her she had to sing me the birthday song in Russian. She did and I loved it! So I got to hear a traditional song in two languages. I also got a birthday card. It was in fact the one I caught my one co-worker signing.

I got to leave 15 minutes early from work and my co-worker gave me a lift to the rapid station. I got home a bit early that day. It always feels nice to be remembered by your peers. I was under the impression they completely forgot me and there would be no celebration. I had gotten an apology about how HR didn't inform them of my upcoming birthday. It's probably because i'm under an independent contract and I think that is very unfair. We're employees too! It was a great day and now i'm back to being somewhat motivated at work and feeling good.

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